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  • Product Code: HLB1004
  • EAN: 8719324220149

A multifunctional playpen blanket that can be suspended due to an innovative solution. A playpen blanket and hammock in one.

The blanket consists of various layers and materials.The top layer is made of biological cotton and has a soft padded filling.The stitching on the top layer is unique and inspired by the Japanese art of origami.The colour of the stitching matches the light blue underside.The bottom blanket is made of a sturdy canvas. This provides safety and a straight lying position for the baby. The bottom blanket has attachments to fix it to the playpen.The playpen blanket is attached to the four corners of the playpen.

The baby can lie comfortably on the soft top layer while the bottom layer ensures a straight position.The Hangloose Baby playpen blanket is 80 × 100 cm.

The hammock function can be used in playpens with internal dimensions from 72 × 86 cm.

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