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Hangloose Baby originated from a passion. Five fathers from Scheveningen came up with a multifunctional playpen mat and immediately won the baby innovation award at the launch. Meanwhile, it has become their mission to contribute to the development and play experience of young children and babies.

Health baby

We are opposed to the fastening of babies in various chairs such as flip-flops, the maxi-cosi, and other misery. With the exception of the car trips, of course.

Especially during the first stage of life if the baby still has problems with the stretching and is hindered by involuntary movements, it is good if the baby can move freely. Babies need space to lay a good foundation in motor skills.

The Hangloose baby rug offers this possibility. The hammock function promotes free movement development, is safe, soft and gives sense of security.

At the moment two hospitals are working together and Hangloose Baby is recommended by various maternity care institutions because Hangloose Baby helps with crying babies, babies with reflux and overstretched tendencies. The soft materials and the feeling of security also offer a solution for prematures.

Multifunctional design

The design is inspired by the Japanese origami folding art. The rug is made of soft materials and can be folded around the baby like a babynest which stimulates the feeling of security.

In addition, the rug can also be used as a play mat and play mat. The design is distinctive and has a high aesthetic value. The top layer of the Hangloose Baby always has a special uni-color; the other side has a fresh color with an illustrative pattern. The limited visibility of the illustrative design makes the appearance of the design subtle, playful and stylish.

The Hangloose Baby playpen mat measures 80 x 100 cm. The hammock function can already be used for boxes with an inside dimension of 72 x 86 cm.


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