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Hangloose is now a few years young. It all started with five fathers, Lars, Rick, Thomas, Dick and Daan who created a unique addition to the early baby life from their passions.

Meanwhile Hangloose baby is sold in three countries and a vision has emerged where we want to contribute to the development and play experience during the first phase of life and the family connection thereafter. Daan, Thomas and our last father, Joachim, are realizing this vision with new products and applications.

With the success of Hangloose Baby, it is our mission to make a contribution at primary schools that playful learning is not something temporary but, on the contrary, should be seen as a fixed value. Continuing to discover, keep searching, and learn from mistakes is the power of tomorrow's innovative generation that we now have to build on.

Our first product is a multifunctional baby rug that stimulates the free movement of the child. With this we won the Baby Innovation award in 2016 for the most innovative baby product. In the meantime we have already developed many prototypes of other products within the Hangloose vision. These are exciting times to turn a small business into a company that creates products and experiences that are a true addition to the lives of young families.

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