Health for your baby

Hangloose Baby, the ergonomic baby hammock

Especially during the first few months if your baby has difficulty in stretching and is prevented by involuntary movements, it is nice to have a safe place. The Baby Hammock from Hangloose is a safe and soft baby nest.

Hangloose promotes free movement and is attached to the four corners of the baby box with a secure hanging system. This way your baby will always be relaxed and with a straight ergonomic lying position.

After research with a pediatrician and pediatric physiotherapist, it turned out that cry babies, prematurely born children, babies with overstretched tendencies and reflux Hangloose also offer a solution.

Meanwhile, Hangloose is being advised by various maternity care institutions and is working together with, among others, the Sofia Children's Hospital and the Little Hero House.

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