Are there Hangloose rugs for adults?
That would be very nice, but not yet.

Can the Hangloose cloth be washed?
Yes the carpet can be machine-washed at 40 degrees with normal program. It is not allowed in the dryer.

My child is older than three months, can I still use Hangloose as a hammock?
As soon as the baby can turn around, we advise to use the rug as a playpen. This is different for every baby. It is up to the parent himself to make an estimate for this. Never leave your baby alone. Our advice is after three months. This advice is based on the average growth expectation.

Does the Hangloose dress fit in every box?
No, hangloose is not made for round boxes. The minimum size of the box is 72x86 cm. The most optimal size is 100x80.

How many hours can my baby be in the Hangloose robe?
There is no maximum number of hours that the baby may lie in the Hangloose garment. As long as the baby is relaxed, it's okay.

Can my baby sleep in hangloose?
Hangloose is not a replacement for the cradle. An afternoon nap is fine.

Is hangloose baby safe?
As long as you install Hangloose according to the instructions, it is safe. Never leave the baby alone.

Is Scheveningen not just The Hague?
No, Scheveningen is not just The Hague.

Are there other colors and color combinations available?
No, the rugs have a fixed color combination. The colors as indicated in the webshop are the only ones there.

Is the Hangloose Rug suitable for twins?
No, unfortunately for safety reasons not.

I am not satisfied with Hangloose, what should I do now?
In case of complaints and / or dissatisfaction you can contact [email protected] . We are also people and make mistakes. We learn from every step and do everything we can to take care of the entire operation as well as possible.

I am satisfied with Hangloose what should I do now?
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