What is Hangloose Baby

The Hangloose Baby is a playpen blanket and hammock in one. The soft and sturdy design blanket consists of various layers and materials. The top layer is made of natural cotton and has a soft, light filling. The unique stitching on the top layer is inspired by the Japanese art of origami and enables you to fold the blanket in various ways, creating a safe environment for your baby. The bottom layer is made of a sturdy canvas and can be stretched across the corners of a playpen. The baby can lie comfortably on the soft top layer while the bottom layer ensures a straight position. The Hangloose Baby can be suspended across the playpen to be used as a hammock for babies from 0 to 3 months. The Hangloose is also suitable for outdoor use as a play mat or playpen mat: in the park, at the beach or simply in the garden or on the balcony.


A baby hammock is recommended by maternity carers and child health clinics for babies with a tendency to overstretch, babies that constantly cry, who have a preference for a particular position or for babies with problems with fine motor skills.

Healthy babies can sag too low in a standard baby hammock, which is not good for the spine. The baby’s face could also fall against the sides of the fabric, which could result in impeded breathing. The blanket has a reinforced section, which ensures that the baby’s back is well and evenly supported. Additionally, the Hangloose Baby is adjustable, which allows you to decide how straight you want your baby to lie in it. The raised position of the baby is also beneficial for the parents’ or carers’ backs.


As a hammock, the Hangloose Baby is suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months – until the baby can turn and lift themselves independently. By putting the base of the pen in the highest position, you avoid any accidents occurring due to incorrect assembly. Furthermore, the shell shape provides additional safety and a feeling of security.


We are aware that design plays a significant role because a playpen and a playpen blanket will often be placed in the living room for a long period of time. That is why we have given a lot of attention to the distinctive design.

The top layer of the Hangloose Baby comes in a lovely single colour; the underside in a bright colour with an illustrative pattern. The limited view of the pattern gives the design a subtile, playful and stylish appearance.

The Hangloose Baby playpen blanket measures 80 × 100 cm.

The hammock function can be used with playpens with internal dimensions from 72 × 86 cm.

Winner of the ‘2016 Baby Innovation Award’

Hangloose Baby won the ‘2016 Baby Innovation Award’ in the category of furniture and decoration. The winner was announced at the Negenmaandenbeurs (pregnancy and baby trade fair) in February 2016.

The 2016 Baby Innovation Award is an initiative by the Babywereld trade journal and consumer platform Babystuf.nl in collaboration with the Negenmaandenbeurs and Fabulous mama&family. In November, the professional jury of experts and editors nominated the most innovative baby products. The winner of this prestigious prize in the baby sector was determined based on the results of the professional jury, online voters and visitors to the Fabulous mama&family jury day.

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