Why the Hangloose Baby Hammock is good for your baby

Starting your life in a hammock, how relaxed is that? However, not every baby hammock is suitable for use with your baby. This is why the Hangloose Baby Hammock is.

Straight lying position:
Unlike normal baby hammocks, the Hangloose Baby Hammock can be stretched on four points. Because of this your baby always lies with a straight lying position. This is good for the vertebrae and stimulates free movement development.

Why use Hangloose Baby?
The Hangloose Baby Hammock gives a sense of security to your baby. The soft materials ensure comfort. Hangloose Baby is now used in two children's hospitals. Research has shown that Hangloose Baby helps cry babies, premature babies and babies with reflux. Hangloose is also advised by various maternity care institutions. Hangloose Baby won several prizes and the reviews are good.

Our advice:
- Use the Hangloose Baby hammock immediately after birth;
- The Hangloose hammock is great during the day; for the awake moments or after feeding. It is not intended as a place to sleep for long periods and never unsupervised or at night;
- Use the baby hammock function until your baby is strong enough to raise or turn itself. Afterwards you can also use Hangloose as a playpen or play mat;
- Never leave your baby alone.

Hangloose is available in various colors. You shop the hammock here !


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